Saturday, April 14, 2018

Getting Out of Debt: This is WHY

I'm on a spending freeze because I'm in emergency save-up mode due to an impending move. That means that right now, as a general rule, I don't buy anything that we don't truly need. But the other day I "splurged" and spent $5 on an 8x10 print of a snapshot I took of my kids a few months ago, when they were being goofy in the parking lot of a restaurant after a family dinner out (so rare!). Why? Well, that's exactly why: WHY.

I am facing 2-3 years of extra-lean times while I claw my way out of this financial hole that I'm drowning in. Getting divorced was financially catastrophic for me, and while I don't regret it for one nanosecond, four years later I have found myself $25K in debt. Well, I'm done with that. I've cut up my credit cards (which are all maxed-out anyway) and have begun to make a plan to get rid of this godforsaken albatross once and for all.

So, back to the photograph. It's really fucking hard to work really fucking hard. It's exhausting, and sometimes discouraging, and sometimes I just want to throw in the towel and disappear. BUT. I can't. Because those kids. They are my WHY. So I spent $5 to have that great snapshot printed, and I brought it home and carefully inserted it into a dollar store frame that I already had on hand, and put it on my dresser where I can see it from my bed. Now whenever it catches my eye, I think to myself, "that's why." I can do this, for them. They deserve better. I owe it to them to get my life in order. It is my responsibility to show them the way in this life.

That photograph makes me smile. It calms me down. It centers me. It snaps me out of any self-pity that might be creeping in. It's practically magic.

I'd say it's money well-spent!

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